One Family, Two Family, New Family

August 17, 2009

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About One Family, Two Family, New Family: Stories And Advice For Stepfamilies

book-cover2A must-read for stepparents, dating single parents and befuddled relatives of stepparents, One Family, Two Family, New Family: Stories And Advice For Stepfamilies describes how writer Lisa Cohn and Ph.D. psychologist William Merkel tackle numerous stepfamily challenges during their first years together. One Family, Two Family, New Family is filled with practical advice about stepparenting plus honest tales from Cohn, Merkel and three other families about the joys, triumphs, heartbreaks and challenges of stepfamily life.

In One Family, Two Family, New Family: Stories and Advice for Stepfamilies, Cohn and Merkel wrestle with these issues:

He feeds his kids hot dogs and ice cream; she serves her son soymilk and carob-tofu desserts.

He teaches his kids tidiness and table manners; she lets her son roller-blade in the house.

He prefers quiet holidays with the kids; she wants to invite their ex-spouses for Christmas.

In this book, Cohn and Merkel reveal how they and other stepparents struggle with values clashes, rejection by stepchildren and difficult ex-spouses, and provide practical advice about these stepfamily challenges. As they relate the tale of their first years together, the authors tell how they and other families chose to unite their hearts and households, but keep their refrigerators and checkbooks separate; how they abandoned their fantasies about acting like a traditional family and how they let go of expectations about loving all children equally.

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Praise For One Family, Two Family, New Family: Stories And Advice For Stepfamilies

“Of all the books written about the unique struggles and opportunities of stepfamilies, none combine both wisdom and wit as well as Cohn and Merkel’s articulate and compassionate treatment of the subject. One Family, Two Family will be an enormous aid to anyone involved in creating a New family.”

–Alan S. Gurman, Ph.D., Recipient of the American Psychological Association’s 2003 Award for Distinguished Contribution to Family Psychology and Professor, University of Wisconsin Medical School.

“Clearly committed to each other and to their children, Cohn and Merkel write a heartwarming story in a helpful ‘he thought’ ‘she thought’ format about their transition from single parenting to successful stepfamily living.”

–Dr. Margorie Engel, President & CEO, Stepfamily Association of America

“It’s about time someone addressed, head on, the real problems inherent in integrating stepfamilies. What makes ‘One Family, Two Family, New Family,’ so meaningful is that it is written from experience–from Cohn and Merkel’s own encounters rather than from authors who merely pontificate on the subject. What makes it compelling is that it is quite simply a great story! What makes it valuable is that its lessons are timeless.”

–Stacy D. Phillips, Certified Family Law Specialist by the State Bar of California

Board of Legal Specialization and managing partner, Phillips, Lerner & Lauzon More praise…


About The Authors

Lisa Cohn is an-award-winning writer whose work has appeared in the Christian Science Monitor, Mothering, Parenting, Mother Earth News, Brain, Child: The Magazine For Thinking Mothers and Your Stepfamily Magazine. She lives in Portland, Oregon with William Merkel and their four children.

William Merkel, Ph.D. is a psychologist who teaches at Providence Portland Medical Center and has a private practice. A former Associate Professor at Oregon Health Sciences University, he is a Fellow in the American Academy of Clinical Psychology and an Approved Supervisor in the American Association For Marriage and Family Therapy.


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